A Letter From A Lab Rat to Humans




Selfish humans,

You create your own laws. You keep yourself safe from research by stating that it is not ethical. You use us for research purposes and torture us.  You make laws by saying that killing your own kind is a criminal offence. But what about us? If you want to dissect us you kill us on purpose. Oh no. You don’t use that word, do you? You don’t kill us. You sacrifice us. Who are you to sacrifice us? Just because we cannot talk does not mean we don’t get to live as much as you do. I don’t get the concept of your laws – made by you to protect your own kind. What about our kind? Let me ask you something. Who made you the boss? Let us live peacefully. Please let us.


A rat that is marked to be sacrificed.


Humanity – A Sin

When survival was the only ambition of mankind, life was much simpler. Simple in its own way but not so much peaceful because when humans are around hardly there is any peace. Humans are made that way. We kill for survival. We fight for survival. We have great ambitions all at the cause of Earth’s destruction. Now, we destroy our planet for survival. Humans are messy creatures full of greed, hate, and selfishness. We always want more. We are in a state of eternal starvation. Famine has taken over us. This will cause war. The struggle for survival. Disease shall spread like fire under conditions of war. This will lead to the death of millions. Now we are trying to find solutions for the mess created by us through ground breaking research. Why can’t human beings simply live without wanting to know more, gain more and create more?

Some legends across the world also go on to say that humanity will be the one responsible for the end of the world. Let us look at this with a different perspective. If humans were responsible to bring the end why create them in the first place. Why infuse them with evil? Why couldn’t humans be pure? Maybe that was how it was meant to be. When there is good there must be evil, when there is light there must be darkness, when there is peace there must be war. But the big question here is why is that so. What is wrong with only good, light and peace?